36 Volt Cordless Angle Grinder

230 MM, 2,400 WATT, CORDLESS.


230 mm

The first large cordless angle grinder with 230 mm disc - with a cutting depth of up to 77 mm.

2,400 Watt

As powerful as a 2,400 Watt mains-powered machine.

no cable

Ultimate freedom thanks to revolutionary LiHD battery pack technology.

Extremely long service life even in dusty surroundings
Unique encapsulated Metabo brushless motor with optimised dust protection

Uncompromising user safety
Most accidents with angle grinders are caused by loss of control. Metabo focuses on prevention with numerous safety functions.

  • „„„Reduced kickback if the disc stops unexpectedly
    thanks to electronic safety shutdown

  • „Safe disc stop
    by means of deadman's switch and brake system

  • „„„Safe handling when cutting and grinding
    by means of perfect balance, rotating handle, ergonomic gripping surfaces and large control elements

Passes any endurance test in professional use!

You can do all this with a single battery charge:

Cutting through 11 crash barriers: Material: Sheet steel
More than 75 roof tiles: Material: Roofing Tiles
More than 5 cuts - concrete slabs: Material: Concrete

The extensive Metabo 18V range

Your entry to the 18 Volt interface
In 2017 the 36 Volt cordless angle grinder will also be available in a 2x18 Volt variant. This 2x18 Volt variant has the same performance and the same endurance as the 36 Volt variant.


Local Distributors

Metabo is a brand designed for professional users. We develop our power tools in conjunction with you, our customers in the trade and test them the way you use them. We keep a close eye on the market and react quickly to meet your needs. We concentrate on the things that really make your day easier whether it be on site, in workshops or in productions halls.