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Metabo provides a comprehensive assortment of oil free compressors as mobile drives for your compressed-air tools. This ensures reliable start-up even at cold temperatures (< 5 °C). Large, rubber-coated wheels and a pull or carry handle facilitate transport to the construction site.

Metabo power series Oil-free compressors

Easy transport in any car thanks to the practical and compact design.

Well-protected by their stable tubular frame.

Power 280-20 W OF and Power 400-20 W OF compressors each have an attachment for MetaLoc cases, and can accommodate other conventional cases and boxes on the market.

Technical Data

  Power 400-20 W OF Power 280-20 W OF Power 180-5 W OF Power 250-10 W OF
Rated input power 1,7 kW 1,7 kW 1,1 kW 1,5 kW
Suction rate 330 l/min 280 l/min 160 l/min 220 l/min
Filling capacity 200 l/min 150 l/min 90 l/min 120 l/min
Tank capacity 20 l 20 l 5 l 10 l
Max. pressure 10 bar 10 bar 8 bar 10 bar
Weight 45 kg 40 kg 16 kg 21 kg
Order no. 601546000 601545000 601531000 601544000
Scope of delivery 2 Universal quick-action couplings 2 Universal-Schnellkupplungen 2 Universal quick-action couplings 2 Universal quick-action couplings


Local Distributors

Metabo is a brand designed for professional users. We develop our power tools in conjunction with you, our customers in the trade and test them the way you use them. We keep a close eye on the market and react quickly to meet your needs. We concentrate on the things that really make your day easier whether it be on site, in workshops or in productions halls.