Metabowerke GmbH data protection principles

Metabo (and Metabowerke GmbH) welcomes you to the Metabo website and is pleased with your interest in the company and its products.

Data protection and information security are a component of our company policy. Metabo takes its data protection duty very seriously. Our website is so designed that only as little person-related information as required is collected, processed or used.

Please note that you can print out these data protection principles from your Browser to read them later or for your records. Besides, you can also download and save the data protection principles or read them later at

Inquiry, processing and utilisation of personal information

Metabo collects, processes and utilises personal information only as part of the applicable data privacy protection regulations, as is expressly permitted or has the active approval of the concerned person. When you visit our website, for purely technical reasons, we save the name of your Internet Service Provider, the page from which you reached us, the Metabo pages you viewed as well as the date and time of the visit. We will delete this personal information later after we have finished using the information.

We collect, process and use other personal information only if you have willingly furnished it, e.g. for a registration, survey or contract.

We delete your personal information after completion and termination of a contract. Except such personal information that must be preserved for legal purposes for a stipulated period. We will lock such personal information.

Processing (particularly forwarding) and utilisation of personal information (for specific purpose)

Metabo processes and utilises your personal information only in the required scope, regardless whether it pertains to the technical administration of the website or as part of an individual inquiry.

Without your express approval, we will not forward your information to third parties.


Metabo takes adequate technical and organisational precautions to preserve your personal information from unauthorised access of persons, against manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorised disclosure.

These security measures will be improved constantly in keeping with technological developments.

Your choice

We also collect, process and utilise your personal information as part of Newsletter subscriptions, contests or product surveys, as long as this information is necessary for realising the relevant activity. Participation in such actions is naturally voluntary. As part of Newsletter subscriptions, Metabo only collects, saves and uses the E-mail address that is required for sending the Newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the Newsletter any time.

Your E-mail address is then deleted immediately. This option to unsubscribe is given in every issue of the Newsletter. For contests, we collect, process and use personal information that is absolutely necessary for conducting the contests. This includes your name, your address, your telephone number and E-mail address to inform you about the conditions of a contest and to send your prize. For the purpose of sending prizes, we hand over the necessary information to a company that is responsible for sending the prize. Your data is deleted after the contest is finished and prizes have been sent. For product surveys, we collect, process and utilise the following personal information.

If you would not like us to collect and use your personal information, you can notify us at any time. We will delete the relevant data immediately.

You can change your mind about allowing us to use your information anytime by either sending us an E-mail to, or by calling us at +49(0)7022/72-0 or by writing to us at our address or even by sending us a fax to +49(0)7022/722595.

For more information, go to the pages where the data was recorded.

Right to information

You are authorised at any time to request the personal information we have about you free of cost. You can send us such a request by E-mail to, or call us at +49(0)7022/72-0 or write to us at our address or even send us a fax to +49(0)7022/722595.


For complaints and comments about the processing and utilisation of your personal data, please contact our data security engineers. We are also happy to receive your suggestions.

In spite of all our efforts to maintain data integrity, if any information is false, we will correct it on your request.

Metabowerke GmbH data security engineer

Metabowerke GmbH
Postfach 1229
D-72602 Nürtingen

External references

Metabo web pages can contain links to web pages of other suppliers;

this data protection declaration does not extend to such web pages.


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